Used Pre-Purchase Car Inspections $225.

    All Makes and Models

    Buying a vehicle is an expensive endeavor. Buying a used vehicle can save you thousands of dollars, but was that vehicle properly cared for? Has it been in a major accident or flood? Are there any obvious, or not so obvious, issues with the vehicle that will require expensive repairs? Unfortunately a “clean” Carfax doesn’t always guarantee a trouble free past. Our EXPERTS have years of experience spotting these issues that most people would never notice until it is too late. We offer a PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION (PPI) service wherein we will perform a thorough 50 point check of the vehicle and its systems including electrical and mechanical to verify that you are buying a SAFE, PROPERLY MAINTAINED, and properly advertised vehicle. The pre purchase inspection could save you thousands of dollars in unknown repairs, or prevent you from buying a lemon.

    DISCLAIMER: We do not have a crystal ball and can not predict the future. With that said we will do our best to pin point any current issues with the vehicle in question. We will perform a thorough review noting any issues found. We are not responsible for any defects or repairs not seen during PPI service or ANY future needed repairs, maintenance, or breakdowns.